Coaching as an effective means of change, development and innovation. 

From this idea CTD, Coaching, Training & Development, was born. From the experience of Palmina La Rosa, Founder and Trainer, CTD aims to provide both teachers and students with techniques to enhance their positive impact on society.

CTD Interviews

I am interviewing relevant professionals of the ELT and business sector, coaches and members of Institutions, Associations and Exam boards with the aim of inviting them to make a contribution to raising awareness of coaching and 21st century skills in education.
The interviews will be released once a week on CTD social media.

“I believe that professional development and improvement are the basis on which my career is founded and, as a result, I am an ICF and an IATEFL LAMSIG member.

I believe in coaching and in its power to enhance and improve professional skills, including those of language teachers.”


To enhance 21st century competences and reach their full potential through their leadership skills.


To improve professional skills through coaching techniques and to transform today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders.

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