I am so proud of the trainees on the Pilot Course “Your students today… Leaders tomorrow“. We, as educators, can make a difference in our students’ learning journey. Fly high, my Pilots! 🙂


  • Marta Brzoska;
  • Vivian De La Cruz;
  • Elaine Fang;
  • Daniel Herrera;
  • Krizia Impelluso;
  • Milena Montalbano;
  • Leonie Riffel.


What will teachers learn?

  • “It helped me, first as an individual, and secondly as an educator, by giving me the opportunity to reflect on how to better set goals and create action plans to achieve them.”
  • “One of the things I will always remember is powerful questioning vs. why. How to properly set up goals, how to take action and keep track of progress. There are many things that I will take with me from this course and apply it in both my job and my personal life.”
  • “There was a good balance of theory and practice, and there were plenty of opportunities to interact with other participants on the course, compare ideas and contextualise concepts in our own context.”
  • “The course lesson plan helped me to incorporate life skills into a normal grammar lesson.”
  • “This course helps you navigate what goes with being a teacher: being a coach is definitely one of them, and being a leader is too.”
  • “I liked the end of course task – it helps us check to what extent we are able to link theory with real classroom practice. It gives us the opportunity to apply one of the 21st century skills and experiment with it in a language classroom.”

How does it change your teaching style or methods?

  • “It gave me a framework of reference to start thinking about how to approach coaching techniques in class.”
  • “It helps teachers to go beyond language learning and equips them with techniques on how to develop creativity, critical thinking, strategies regarding language acquisition, defining goals, creating action plans, etc.”
  • “I believe that language teachers have lots of opportunities to personalise and make their lessons much more memorable and meaningful by applying what we have learnt on the course.”
  • “It gave me lots of new ideas on how to change my own and my students’ experience so that it becomes a unique and very meaningful experience.”

How did it change your outlook on teaching in general?

  • “It changed my whole perspective of teaching.”
  • “I will take with me a new awareness of how teaching can also be considered life coaching!”
  • “It will help you see teaching from a new and exciting perspective.”
  • “As an English teacher and entrepreneur I find that all the strategies and skills reviewed in the course are especially useful in all areas of work and personal life. By developing better and more effective collaborative skills for example, I feel that both my co-workers and even my students will greatly benefit.”

How will teachers pass their newfound knowledge onto students?

  • “Students will learn to understand their own strengths and weaknesses through the various tasks.”
  • “It can help students gain awareness of how to strengthen the skills they already have, and on how to gain new ones.”
  • “It is by observing us being teacher-coaches that students will learn to be great leaders tomorrow.”