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Mag 25 2023


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Training for Excellence 2023 – AISLi

Teamwork in the language classroom: a magical mixture of creative thinking, communication, problem solving and collaborative skills.

When we think of the concept of teams and coaching, we tend to imagine a sports coach guiding some sort of sports team. But in a teaching context we find it difficult to envision the same dynamic linking the teacher and student as we do with coaches and athletes.

In this session we will take a look at what sets teams apart from traditional groups of students. You will learn about the unique elements of diversity and inclusion in teams as well as team competency development, team models and techniques. We will also explore team coaching case discussions and team coaching projects. Anywhere from how to design the initial team planning process to teamwork assessment and the development of team skills.

We will investigate various coaching techniques to nurture relationships among team members and to enhance  their learning process when working with teams. We will explore how to:

  • enable the team to deliver on their purpose and strategy
  • recognise the difference between single and collective leadership
  • coach the team to become an effective learning team

… and much more!

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