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Nov 25 2021


All Day

Training for Excellence 21/22 – AISLi

21st century competencies and language teaching… where is the connection?


The webinar will focus on 21st century competencies and how they can be integrated in the language classroom: from primary to secondary school.

I will illustrate some coaching techniques that can help language teachers to boost students’ life competencies such as communication, critical thinking, problem solving and teambuilding.

The language classroom is the perfect place where life competencies can be practiced and enhanced.


Interactive workshop

Palmina will present some activities and tasks that can be done with secondary school students and young adults.

These activities will focus on 21st century competencies and how they can impact students’ performance. They are designed to inspire and empower students.

Palmina will show how to transform a language task into a life competency task.

Participants will receive lesson plans.

Participants will practice some of the coaching techniques presented during the webinar.

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