Our latest course of “Your Students Today … Leaders Tomorrow” has begun! As our new cohort of participants moves through the course, I’ll be sharing some of their feedback each week.

These posts will take you through their journey while attending the course and learning more about coaching techniques for language teachers in order to enhance teenagers’ 21st century competencies.


Who is enrolled on our teacher training course?

The group of trainees that are attending this course come from different parts of Italy and we have one international attendee from Kiev, Ukraine. Each of them works in the private school sector and has different experiences and backgrounds: they are directors of studies, teachers and academic managers.

Their expectations on the course were quite varied but at the same time similar. They are attending the course for their own professional development and because they want to help their students grow and become well-rounded adults with all the life competencies that they need to be successful in their future careers.


Top 3 takeaways from Week 1

At the end of Week 1, the trainees each shared three “take home messages” based on what they’ve learned so far. Each person naturally had a different answer, but below are some of the common themes that came up in our discussion forum.

1.  The key differences between being a coach and a teacher, and understanding how some of the skills overlap.

2.  The importance of the GROW model:

  • Setting GOALS.
  • Keeping them grounded and within REALITY.
  • Letting students know they do have OPTIONS and helping them realise what they are.
  • Inspiring them to use their WILLPOWER by providing motivation or instilling self-motivation.

3.  Each person should focus on themselves and their own abilities, and not compare themselves to others and what they can do, because what works for one person might not work for another.


Want to join the next course?

See our 2022 dates below and contact us to reserve your spot!

  • 16 February – 6 April
  • 20 April – 8 June
  • 9 June – 28 July
  • 12 October – 30 November