Welcome to the third week on our course “Your Students Today… Leaders Tomorrow”. Each week I’ll be sharing an update as our new cohort of participants moves through the course (see the Blog Home Page to start from the beginning).

The art of asking questions

Week 3 is by no means one of the most important of the whole course. The reason for this is that, during the session, trainees develop and practice their powerful questioning skills and the techniques acquired.

Liz, one of our trainees, affirmed that one of the most important things to learn is “knowing when to ask questions and what questions to ask.”

“I would add that sometimes just giving the person the opportunity to speak without interruption – and without being judged – helps them to find the answers themselves.”

This is exactly what coaches do. They do not give answers but instead, they help the coachee to find their answers. This is what a “Teacher Coach” should master to make the most of their students’ learning journey.

Here are three questions that we answered during the session:

  1. How can you turn a simple question with “why” into a powerful question?
  2. What reactions can powerful questions create?
  3. What is the difference between a low impact question and a high impact one?

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