Welcome to the fourth week on our course “Your Students Today… Leaders Tomorrow”. Each week I share an update as we move forward (see the Blog Home Page to start from the beginning). As Week 4 comes to a close, we are halfway through our journey. Time is flying!

Being a strong communicator

This week’s topic was communication, which we explored as a life skill; not just a language competence. Together, we brainstormed the answers to the following questions:

  • What is the difference between communication and effective communication?
  • Considering your role as a language teacher, what do you expect your students to be able to do when they reach a certain level of language competence?
  • Thinking about your role as a teacher coach, how you expect your students to effectively communicate with you and with one another
  • What are the essentials of effective communication?

Our students can enhance this competency through the practice of specific techniques which enable them to engage the audience starting from their “why” and show the right attitude when speaking. Most of all, each person must believe in what he or she is saying and feel confident.

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