It’s the fifth week on our teacher-training course “Your Students Today… Leaders Tomorrow”. Each week I share an update as we move forward (see the Blog Home Page to start from the beginning).

Visualising the future

Visualise and create – these are the two main features that the trainees on our course have developed this past week.

The power of visualisation is key in the process of goal acquisition. As teachers, we have a chance to help our students think about what they want to achieve in their future. As they begin this exploration process, we can then help them set clear, realistic goals towards attainment.

Two “take home messages” from this week were:

  • As teacher-coaches we can help our students destroy their barriers and overcome roadblocks when visualising and creating goals for the future.
  • We cannot underestimate the importance of having and mastering the right tools for goal acquisition such as vision boards, goal planning worksheets, and tips for reviewing goals.

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