We are now into our sixth week on our course “Your Students Today… Leaders Tomorrow”. Each week I share an update as we progress through our teacher training course (see the Blog Home Page to start from the beginning).

Collaboration and teamwork are key skills for 21st century education

There are four important questions based around the concept of giving feedback that we tackled during this week together. When working on teamwork performance, giving constructive feedback is paramount for the teacher-coach as a fundamental factor for the students’ personal development. With this in mind, we explored various ways to answer questions starting with “How can we…”. For example:

  • How can we, as language teachers, help our students to take personal responsibility for their contributions to a team task?
  • How can we support our students to feel confident when sharing their own ideas?
  • How can we guide our students to be able to manage the sharing of tasks among team members when working on a project?
  • How can they check if they are on track when working on a task or project?

We all know that a team performs at its best when each member contributes equally, and there are many reasons why that might not happen. Perhaps the team roles are not well aligned with member skills sets, or maybe a student simply isn’t aware that their performance needs improvement. Being able to provide feedback frequently, at all stages of a project, is a valuable skill for a teacher-coach to learn, as well as pass on to his or her students so that they can collaborate effectively, support one another, and move closer towards the finish line.


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