We only have one week left! Time has flown by on our eight-week teacher training course “Your Students Today… Leaders Tomorrow”. I’ve been sharing updates each week as we’ve moved forward on our course (see the Blog Home Page to start from the beginning).    

Developing critical thinking skills through storytelling

How can we enhance our students’ critical thinking skills? Coaching is the answer!

This week we practiced telling stories during coaching sessions. When a coach tells a story, coachees can have two reactions:

  • They can feel like the audience, or the listener of the story.
  • Or a coachee can feel like he or she is watching a performance of oneself where the coachee is the main character of the story.

In coaching, we can harness the power of stories to tap into our students’ emotions to overcome their negative beliefs and obstacles. Stories have the power to move thoughts beyond the logical areas of our brain into our emotional and creative areas. This is what our students need to become critical thinkers.

We use techniques such as Venn diagrams, mind maps, and lines of reasoning mixed with powerful questions to take our students on an emotional, creative journey towards a feeling of empowered leadership.

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