Our eight-week teacher training course “Your Students Today… Leaders Tomorrow” finished just as the year 2021 was also coming to an end. In case you missed it, I’ve been sharing updates each week as we’ve moved forward on our course (see the Blog Home Page to start from the beginning).

As we wrapped up the final lesson, I asked our trainees for some feedback and reflections on what they’ve learned over these last two months, which I’m delighted to share:

  • “This course was absolutely relevant to all aspects of my teaching, especially teens.”
  • “I have some ready-made activities and worksheets I can use with my students.”
  • “This course gives you the tools to better help you guide your students using 21 century skills to become better team members, think critically and communicate effectively.”
  • “This course can enhance your teaching skills and help you have students become more involved in their learning process.”
  • “I’ll take with me so many things! The broader idea of really listening to a person and being conscientious and thoughtful about the best way to respond, and the kinds of questions to ask is something that will definitely remain with me.”
  • Getting your students to think on their own is important for critical thinking and you can guide them by asking the right ‘powerful’ questions.”
  • “Something that stands out for me is how important it is to think more deeply when doing lesson planning to understand what other skills could be introduced.”

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