Educators from all over the world had the chance to attend and speak at the University for Foreigners of Perugia for Dille2023. This big event hosted the VIII International Congress of the Italian Society of Teaching of Languages and Educational Linguistics. I had the pleasure to give a presentation on Team coaching for project-based learning to other partner educators. This opportunity helped me express to Language teaching experts how the two worlds of teaching and coaching can exist together and the hope that one day the roles of a teacher-coach will be the norm for language-based learning. (Read my previous article HERE)

We will be looking at how the focus of the teacher should not always be on the outcome or the final project, but instead be focusing on core life competencies (soft skills) that students can use to work together to complete the tasks at hand.

During the conference we talked about the four C’s. Can you guess what the four C’s below symbolize in reference to life competencies? The teachers at the conference did a great job at guessing them correct.

Four C's
Find out the answer!

You guessed it!

Ensuring your students understand these useful skills is important to not just completing the task but also knowing which soft skills each student can contribute to the project they are working on.

For instance, Sara is a great communicator and get also write very well so she excels at this but doesn’t do great at coming up with the ideas, while Salvo doesn’t communicate well but his creativity where it is easy for him to come up with great ideas and this is where he shines and together, they can learn to work together and complete the project or task.

These four key Competencies are not the only skills your students can use but there are many more and some relate to each other.



When putting into practice these skills, the teacher provides added value because they will empower students to master life skills and ensure they reach their full potential thanks to their learning journey.

Please Join me the next blog post as we will discuss how to take these skills and incorporate them into the project management phase.