What if there was a course, that you could take part in, to help you empower your students outside the normal language classroom. Well, you are in luck. The course Your Students today…Leaders tomorrow… Coaching Techniques for Language Teachers to Enhance Teenagers’ 21st Century Competencies, moderated and certified by IH Assessment Unit, is just the class you are looking for and is now open for enrollment.

This course aims to equip language teachers with basic coaching techniques that will help them support their students’ performance of life competencies such as teambuilding, problem solving, critical thinking, communication, creative thinking and mediation.

During this course you will get hands on experience by performing tasks and working as a team, just as your students will experience as you introduce this into your classroom. Not only will you get to practice these skills with fellow teachers, but I will also show you how to make it fun, interesting, and best of all some free handouts to get you started.

So, let’s take a deeper look at some of the course objectives and outcomes and a little of what you can expect by taking this course. They are to provide coaching techniques that can be used later in the language classroom with any published or self-made material designed to achieve life competencies.

The course will provide you a structure for the learning process when dealing with life competencies and also provide trainees the necessary tools to help their students make informed decisions through powerful and effective questioning.

After attending the course, trainees will be able to:

  • Understand the difference between coaching and teaching;
  • Analyze some essential coaching skills and practices;
  • Guide their students towards their personal strengths;
  • Understanding and managing diverse personalities;
  • Master powerful questioning;
  • Guide their students towards effective communication;
  • Provide tools to effectively set and track goals;
  • Create effective teams;
  • Guide their students to develop critical thinking skills;
  • Use projects to develop life competencies.

The course is by no means intended to qualify teachers to become professional coaches.

Teachers who wish to qualify as a coach should seek an accredited coaching course which can be found on the International Coaching Federation website.

So now that you know a little about the course, you are probably wondering how much time I will spend attending the course. This online course is laid out to support the working teacher and will not take up all your time, but it will take some effort to complete each module.

You will start by attending 1 live online preparatory module of 2 hours (2 hour synchronous online); in this lesson, I will introduce you to the course and to some activities to get to know your fellow teacher trainees.

Then you will have 7 core modules each lasting 2 hours (14 hours synchronous online); During this time, you will get hands on with the material and will be performing activities, working in teams, and seeing how to incorporate competencies into your language lessons. During this time, you will be expected to do approximately 4 hours of self-study per week including completion of pre module tasks, end of module tasks and participation to discussion forums (28 hours self-study time).

Finally, you will have an end of course assignment task that will take approximately 6 hours self-study time. Bringing the Total of 50 hours: 16 synchronous and 34 self-study time. The live online preparatory module and core modules will take place once a week for a total of 8 weeks on the day and time showed on the registration form.

As you can see this course will not interfere with your busy teaching schedule, but you will receive plenty of teacher/coach training to add one more skill to your toolbox and best of all empowering your students to think, making decisions, and working together as a team.

The course materials included in the course are: pre module tasks, module content, activity plans, articles, links to relevant videos, discussion forums, end of module tasks, end of course task.

These materials will be uploaded on the Moodle platform progressively, before, during or after the synchronous sessions and will be available to download as the time arises.

This concludes the course overview, description of the course layout and length as well as the course materials that will be provided before, during and after the course.

So, for more information CONTACT US or CLICK HERE.