Welcome to the second week on our course “Your Students Today… Leaders Tomorrow”. Each week I’ll be sharing an update as our new cohort of participants moves through the course (head over to our first week’s post to start from the beginning).


The importance of appreciation when leading

As Week 2 kicked off, the trainees’ enthusiasm is evident and so is the amount of work they have put into preparing for this session.

Our initial focus was on understanding and managing diverse personality traits, starting from the analysis of the trainees’ personal strengths after taking the High 5 Test.

We then explored beliefs and limiting beliefs. As coaches we must help our students see opportunities rather than obstacles by making them focus on the positive side of things. Thinking positively is a superpower and it can be learnt.

This week’s discussion forum centred around the power of appreciation. Here is what the trainees think appreciation means:

  • “Recognition for my efforts is very meaningful to me; it keeps me fuelled to work harder or to keep me going when I feel like giving up.”
  • “When you get positive and encouraging feedback from your family, colleagues, friends (or in our case, students), you definitely feel powerful, valued, respected and taken seriously, which pushes you to do even better. It can ‘simply’ mean that you feel supported, which is extremely valuable too, as it builds a sense of belonging and unity.”
  • “Appreciation fills me with that sense of purpose and just plain, darn happiness!”

Learning leadership and appreciation skills

In addition to this course designed for language school teachers, I also run a programme for teenagers called “Discovering the Leader in You”.

Do you want to see one of the appreciation techniques I use with my teen leadership students? Click here!


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